Macintosh Multimedia Professional since 1984. Denver University BA Mass Communications 1971. Early seventies worked on motion picture, performed in and designed original audio tracks for Crested Butte (Colorado) Mountain Theatre. Late seventies developed a satellite TV network for the Counter Culture, “New Earth Television”. Spent time with Buckminster Fuller – whom he introduced to Steve Jobs at Apple – Hazel Henderson, Marilyn Ferguson, Alvin Toffler, and other alternative cultural luminaries.

Attended USC’s Annenberg Graduate School of Communications 80-84. With two Macs, by the first San Francisco MacWorld Expo in January 1985, was publishing a magazine digest of all articles on the Mac – “MacBriefs” and led the large Mac Orange Users Group from Huntington Beach CA. Went on to help produce Mondo 2000 magazine in Berkeley CA.

In the early 90’s was featured in CNN FutureWatch, Business Week and Ad Age for development of broadcast Still Frame Video newsletters. During the 90’s became the foremost videographer of the new media culture shoting over 3,000 hours of trade show expos & conferences. Spent the early 2000’s as a Macintosh consultant, learning HTML and as instructor at the Santa Cruz Senior Computing Center.

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